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My Teaching

I believe the role of the teacher is to build intrinsic motivation of students for learning and stay attentive and flexible to students’ interests and needs. I envision and actualize this role by:

     (1) inviting students to “become the masters of their own learning” (Zimmerman, 1990),

     (2) empathizing with and listening to students’ interests and needs throughout the semester, and

     (3) establishing rapport with students by incorporating their individual interests and fulfilling their learning needs.

Consumer Analytics:
Evidence-Based Innovation

FHCE 5050 at University of Georgia

Students learn to build quantitative empathy and deliver evidence-based insights about consumers through a semester-long group project.

Concepts taught: factor analysis, cluster analysis, conjoint design, concept testing

Tools used: SPSS, Excel, Tableau

Spring 2022: Co-Instructor / Spring 2021: TA

Image by AbsolutVision

What my students say about me:

“The lectures given were clear and informative on methods used in the course. There was consistent feedback and assistance given in and out of classroom settings.”

“She always had great suggestions for how to improve our work, and she knew how to explain things in a way that made sense to us.”

“Hannah was an exceptional teacher and is very good at her craft. There was a particular moment that stood out to me that made me appreciate her over a lot of other teachers I have experienced. A peer student was emotional about not being able to understand an assignment and instead of being so harsh she showed a lot of sensitivity and stayed past class hours to help both of us understand the material. That is so unique and rare nowadays especially in college settings.”

More Coming Soon!

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